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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tour Stop: A Community Of Butterflies by Barbara Shoff #FREE Amazon Download

Back blurb 
A Community of Butterflies: Chrysalis (Published by LilyBearHouse, LLC.)

 On-again-off-again psychic Vay Armstrong has a plan to change the world. Following ten years of domestic violence and abuse, she struggles with post-traumatic stress, paranoia and an inability to trust others. Determined to escape her reclusive life, she enlists the help of other abuse survivors to create a utopian community within Jakesville, Oklahoma. Will Vay be able to overcome family opposition, a romantic entanglement and a homicidal stalker to make her vision a reality, or will her only reality be a cold hole in the ground?"

Her eyes flashed opened meeting darkness. She heard loud barking near her head, followed by the cracking retort of gunshots outside her window. Her desire to survive overpowered her exhaustion.
He was back.
Reaching across pillows she wrapped her two terriers in one arm. She rolled to the floor, her free hand grasping the .38 from her nightstand. Crouching, she scurried across the hall to her closet sanctuary. She shoved both pets into a single crate.
“Shhh,” she commanded. They obeyed.
Bracing herself against the wall, flipping the safety with her thumb, she waited.
Calls for help were useless. William was never there when law enforcement arrived. She’d remembered the officers’ whispers, “Paranoid. Delusional. Crazy.”

She made the decision.

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