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Monday, 10 March 2014

Tour Stop Schedule: Easy Like Sunday Mourning by @JennieMarts

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Dating is hard…
Single mom Maggie Hayes puts up a tough front to hide her loneliness, spending her days in the courtroom as a lawyer and her evenings as a closet video gamer. Another heartache isn’t worth the risk, not after her husband left her last year for a Hooters waitress. When she decides to try dating again, a cute video game-designing nerd seems like a safe bet….Until he becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

But falling in love can be murder…
Jeremy Rogers makes a good living designing video games, but nothing prepares him for the real world adventure of being accused of poisoning his own employee. Add in falling for a sassy attorney with a competitive ex-husband, a clingy blonde coworker, and a mammoth-size dog that eats his furniture. Suddenly fighting off a screen full of zombies or preventing an alien invasion seems like child’s play.

Game over!
Maggie and Jeremy find themselves embroiled in a game of death threats, lies, and betrayal. Maggie must learn to trust again while playing the most dangerous game of all. Because defeat could mean not only losing her heart, but also her life…

Revisit the quaint Colorado town of Pleasant Valley and sit in with the Page Turners Book Club, a group of book-loving women who double as extremely amateur detectives. Join them as they set out to help their friend, while devouring good literature and some really great desserts.

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