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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

this is how we roll: Check Out Our #BlogTour Host Guide

Thank you for considering joining us as our host. We look forward to meeting you.
Should you have questions don't hesitate to contact me (Wendy) at fabulosityreads@gmail.com.
To Sign Up you can use this link  after carefully reading through our guidelines.
Its very important that you understand what will be required of you so please do take a moment to read through them.

Here is our badge and its code for your side bar. You need only copy the HTML code which is already links to this section on the blog.

Tour Host Guidelines

Important information regarding blog tours.

Tour post format:
Firstly as blogger we understand the amount of time that often goes into even the simplest post. That's why all our posts are sent to you in HTML code so that you only have one item to copy paste and publish with no formatting and editing required.
For those hosts not comfortable with using this code, please send an email requesting the original post in word format and we will send this to you ASAP. We are not sending this format out widely in order to minimise confusion and the risk of duplication.

Tour day: 
Please make sure your tour post is up in the morning before or by 09:00AM on the day of the tour CAT.  This is so that the authors can link timously to your post and have their readers visit your blog. Unless *otherwise stated, it should be the top post of the day to ensure maximum exposure for the author we are assisting. I appreciate it when hosts send me a link to their post on the day the post is published.  

*otherwise stated: cover releases, book blitzes and book release do not have to be top posts. 

Tour schedule: 
I try to ensure that we stick to schedule but sometimes life gets in the way and flexibility is required. So if you are unable to make a post for whatever reason please be quick to let me know so that I can move you to another spot and find a replacement on time. If I am not informed of I will hesitate to invite you for subsequent tours as reliability is of the highest priority.

I accommodate hosts on a first come first serve basis, so you should know that if you did not get a date you were scheduled for it is because another blogger got there first. 
That being said, again I am quite flexible. If you cannot do any other day let me know and I can work out who to shuffle around to accommodate you.

Because of the nature of our tours, which are aimed at promoting the author and their work, we do not accept ratings under three (3) stars. Should you find that the book was not to your taste for whatever reason and you cannot give a favorable review, I ask that you review it any case and email it to me. I will forward to the author because they still find your feedback and input invaluable. 
If you intend to post the unfavorable review please do so after the tour.
I will then give you either excerpts, interview or guest post to replace it.

Cross posting: 
I appreciate cross posting because it means more eyes on the authors books therefore I request that you post your review or part of it on at least one of these: Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords.
Getting your reviews seen at these platforms is of tremendous help to the authors.

Tour Procedure: 
  • Once a new tour sign-up is posted, an email will be sent to all tour hosts before it’s shared anywhere else. 
  • Once sign-ups are closed and the schedule is finalized, an email will be sent to everyone on the tour. 
  • The review copy will arrive at least 4 weeks before the tour. 
  • Completed tour promo items (guest posts, interviews, excerpts etc) will be sent to their respective bloggers two weeks before the tour. This will also include the tour giveaway details, the book/author info, and any note/changes in regards to the tour. 
  • I will send you the post material in both HLTM code for ready posting and the detailed layout in word should you decide to copy paste and format yourself.

Promo Items: 
All tour promo items – interviews, guest posts, author feature, etc – are unique and written specifically for your tour stop when scheduled for one. If you sign up for a promo post, you must provide your preferred guest post topic or interview questions for the author at least 4 weeks before the tour begins (reminders will be sent).

Host Requirements: 
Only that you be commit to the dates you have booked yourself for and that’s why I will send you the post material two weeks in advance.
Prioritize the posts which meet “top post of the day” criteria.

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