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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Gifts* Books* Traffic For All Our Hosts: #BlogTour Sign Up

Yay. This is my very first post about what's happening at Fabulosity Reads concerning our latest move into offering a virtual book tour service. We (my blog and I) are on an exciting new adventure and I'm so happy that you are considering being part of it. I sent out sizable newsletter brining you up to speed about how this came about. You can access that here: Invitation to join Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions as a host 
My blog still primarily promotes Women’s, Young Adult & New Adult, Middle Grade (especially paranormal/fantasy & romance) and Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction, non-religious non-fiction (in the form of true life turned fiction, example Matthew Hart's Irish Game) and poetry in all genres for both pre-release and post-release books. That covers the kind of books you are most likely to get invitations to host.

Geting to the gist of this post. This  is about convincing you why you need to be part of this joyous ride.  You will find this bit in the newsletter but I thought it worth mentioing here as well.

Why should you become a Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions host?

Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is a team made up of myself and three admin and review staff members who are comitted to delivering the following to you as our valued host:

More Traffic to your blog: 

I have committed to writers that  we are representing to promote every stop made during the tour. That means we will be making mention of and linking to your blog every step of the way. This translates to us getting traffic to your site through my extensive social network. Host for us frequently enough and you should see a significant difference in your visitor count. My blog currently has a followin of as of today 16/11/2013:
Facebook friends: 1530  
Facebook page:     712   

Twitter:               2088

Enjoyable Books To Review: 

We look at your reading preferences very closely before we assign you as a possible candidate for any specific tour. We would like to minimize the chances of you getting material which will not bring pleasure to your reading experience.
Every book we will present to you for review will have been read either by myself or by one of my review contributors. Meaning there will be books submitted for review tours which will be turned down if the quality is questionable. My commitment to writers is to give favorable reviews of three (3) and upwards as the nature of this event is a promotion, however, the book has to be worth those ratings or the reputations of all involved suffers.

Thank you gifts

Blogging is hard work. I know, I’ve been at it for three years and hosting for probably just as long. That is why every tour is accompanied with a mandatory Rafflecopter for the hosts only Giveaway. This Rafflecoper consists of Amazon vouchers and sometimes cash depending on what the author agrees to, eBooks, signed copies for best review,  etc. I suspect that the more you work with us, the more frequently you will win.
But not only this, at the end of each tour Fabulosity Reads (my main blog) will select one blog to be featured on there and receive 30 Twitter mentions over 10 days from @fabulosityreads
Big picture, the more readers come across your blog the more rewarded you feel as a blogger.

You deserve a thank you from me for every bit of effort you make on my behalf. 

So now I encourage you to join knowing I will be doing everything possible to make sure there are tangible rewards for our hosts in this venture.

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