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Sunday, 17 November 2013


Hey how are you doing? 
Thanks for popping in and I hope you'll sign up to participate in my first ever set of tours.
Let me know what you'd like to take part in and grab a couple of buttons to show off on your side bar, starting with my own button that will announce the the world that you host tours for Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions......YAY! 
You will just not believe how excited I am about all this.

I look forward to receiving your application. Oh and if you need me to adjust the size of the host button for your sidebar just give me a shout: fabulosityreads@gmail.com. This one is 250pix wide and should fit comfortably within most widgets.

Signup for all the tours closes on the FRIDAY 29TH NOVEMBER to give everyone enough time to preschedule posts for the very busy holiday season.



Series:     N 
Genre:    Paranormal Mystery, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Solstice Shadows Publishing


When Dallas resident Callie Taylor died young, she expected to go to Heaven, or maybe Hell. Instead, when she met her fate early thanks to a creep with a knife and a mommy complex, she went to Alabama. Now she's witnessed another murder, and she's not about to let this one go. She's determined to help solve it before an innocent man goes to prison. And to answer the biggest question of all: why the hell did she wake up dead in Alabama?

Author: Atty Eve 
Series:     Y 
Genre:    Thriller, New Adult
Publisher: Spikenard Publishing


Suicide is selfish.
It tells the world that you are weak. It tells the world your family and friends have failed. It leaves them with guilt that they could have done more but didn't. It tells them they are clueless and helpless.

I am weak, but I am not selfish.

My suicide will not leave my family and friends with guilt and shame; it will leave them thankful that they knew me for the short time I was here.
- Cosette Hugo

Her brother died. Her parents divorced. Her high school bully is relentless. Cosette doesn't have a lot to live for, but it isn't until she accidentally kills someone that Cosette makes the decision to take her own life.

Unwilling to bring shame to her mom, best friend Mattie, or her boyfriend Chris, Cosette decides the best method of suicide is to become a victim of the local serial killer, The Poser. But every time she goes out to find him she gets attacked; her instincts take over, and she ends up killing her attackers. This quickly leads to unbearable guilt. Desperate to finish this before she gets caught or racks up more victims, Cosette does the unthinkable.

"And when I reach my final goal, to meet my brother in heaven, and we're looking down at my victim in Hell, he will say to me 'Well done, Cosette. What a Beautiful Suicide.'"

Series:     N 
Genre:    Steamy Romance, Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Self Publishing



Awakening Olivia North is a love story... tender, romantic, and sensual. It also says a lot about life and how we should all strive to get back to the true essence of who we are.

Outwardly, Olivia North looked the happily married woman. Her children continually made her proud, and her husband had indeed provided the kind of lifestyle and financial security most women could only dream of. Few of her friends could understand what needs she may have beyond the beautiful house, the cars and the apartment on the Sunshine Coast. Yet there was something quietly missing… a sense of partnership and intimacy, and had been for a great many years.

Emptiness engulfed Olivia after her youngest daughter Lucy moved out of the house to university. With no regrets or thoughts of resentment, Olivia walked away from her marriage, reaching out for emotional support from her brother, his wife, and her daughters. Olivia took stock of her financial situation, embracing an uncertain future with faith everything would fall into place.

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